Update: July 2019

Okay, here’s kind of an impromptu update to let you know that I’m still alive.

The next build of the game is mostly assembled. It’s pretty ambitious, though, so it looks like I’m going to be spending much of this week just testing, tweaking and trying to get it into a state I can release it in.

Let’s see, stuff I’ve added…

Status Update Messages
Biggest addition is the status update system. I think this is the 3rd versions I’ve tried, and the most complete so far. It’ll need more content, but, what I have appears to be working so far. The PC mentions being tired, turned on, drunk, notices and takes time adapting to new body changes, etc.

Trivial Scenes
Lots of new scenes were added, though not all of them are substantial. In an attempt to reduce the amount of time you see the same placeholder text, and in the interest of changing up pacing a bit, I’ve added a lot of really short scenes for many events (something like 5 per block type). These actually took way more time to code into the game than to write. I’m hoping they’ll help break up the monotony a little bit.

Big Scenes
Major scenes were added, too. A lot of additional work events, and some free-time events as well.

Guest Scenes
I’ve added some huge Club work scenes written by Pandora (at TFGames.site). They still need at least one more pass to add graphics and add edits to make them work with everything else.

Gameplay Changes
Some minor tweaks behind the scenes. I’ve changed rates for sobering up and for lust and arousal declining. I’ve tweaked gender identity changes and we’ve finally got events that can impact sexual orientation.

I’ve also finally added some ways to mess with those. Aphrodisiacs are technically in, but don’t appear to be functioning properly in my testing (something I’m still working on). There’s a dream that should add a new (but somewhat subtle) effect, too, but it’s had zero testing as well.

Added a little bit more of the clothing system and edited places where the game checks for what the PC is wearing. Should help stop some scenes from playing at inappropriate times.

Days Off
There were previously fake days off (you’d get a message saying that you were skipping it). Since I have both free morning and free evening events, I thought I could try combining them to create a complete day off of work. I need to see how these play, as there aren’t many events for them yet, and I think adding them in could have other side effects.

Naturally, lots of things I added have introduced new problems, too.

• Holly’s chat events have been made to work when you meet her on the beach. These scenes do not include the code that checks for how long it’s been since the PC has been to the clinic, or any body changes, so that’ll need to be changed in future to make sure she reacts properly.

• Outdoor activities on free days cause the PC to tan…but the PC can actually start these events before having any swimwear. Clearly something needs to change in order to for this to make sense.

Future Plans
Something I got a little bit of a start on, but won’t be in this update, are more random guest hookups. I’ve got one of these in the game already (the guy who can pick up the PC in the club and take her back to his room). I’m trying to create batches of additional, similar scenes for more guests.

The PC can be hit on at pretty much any job, and where it goes depends on the PC and the guest. A couple of versions I have are similar: Guest will hit on the PC and suggest meeting up at the club later. If it goes well, they can go back to the guest’s room. For the near future, the sex scenes will probably just be a repeat of the existing one, until I can expand on it.

As lust and arousal are starting to be used more, I’d also like to start seeding in more ways for the PC to handle it in the room. These will likely be placeholder events as well, though it will hopefully set me up a bit better for expanding them in the future.

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