Early Access: Interns v0.210

Early Access to Interns v0.210 is now available on SubscribeStar and Patreon for those pledging $5 and up!

Whew! First time I’ve spent over a month on an update, and even then I didn’t get everything polished up. Should be a lot more stuff than usual though.

There were some major under-the-hood changes, and I’m pretty sure it’s going to break some saves. I recommend USING A NEW SAVE to be safe.

Here are my change notes:

• Two guest-written Club scenes by Pandora @TFGS (These could use some additional editing and graphics work, but there was a LOT too them, and getting them coded and working was a challenge in and of itself).

• Added new scenes for: Free time at the pool, porn channel, working poolside, working the club, working housekeeping/restaurant, multiple dreams.

• Created alternate “first day on the job” scenes for the sake of a little variety. (Note: You’ll need to play through the original scenes one more time to unlock them, so you still won’t see them right away.)

• Added some other short scenes for: housekeeping, club, beach, guest services, restaurant, poolside, free-time poolside, free-time beach, free-time club.

• Added “avatar” images for clothing and uniforms, with new hair lengths (only one so far, so the other images won’t match). Currently a bit broken during the green hair event.

• Completed new version of status messages system that alerts players to the PC’s condition between time blocks.

• Holly “chat” scenes were crudely converted into evening beach events.

Game changes and bug fixes:
• Basic code for aphrodisiacs added

• Basic code for changing sexual orientation added

• Game balancing: Lowered the rate at which the PC sobers up (it takes longer now). Increased the default length of time PC can stay at max lust before it starts to decline.

• Larger bust and hip sizes accelerate gender identity shift

• Updated clothing variable and attempted to move uniform to more appropriate block (dressing scene). Should help with clothing checks in future. This might lead to some undiscovered bugs, however…

• Tried to adjust transformation system to prevent PC from going up more than one size per day. Extra transformation amount will carry over to the next day until full TF is complete. (Shrinking is still completely broken.)

• Work attitude menu no longer shows up when it’s your first day on that job type.

• Increased compression on cafe backgrounds with the hope of helping Android users avoid a JPG-loading error.

• Fixed issue with schedule that was causing Day 5 to be skipped.

• Fixed bug that prevented Club jobs from switching over to evening shifts.

• Entire rest of the schedule was screwy. Needs a bit of an overhaul, but for now I worked on just getting work in proper 2-day batches.

• Eliminated all Lint errors! (Hooray!)

Known issues:
• New bug: Aforementioned elimination of Lint errors seems to have made the text on the keycard misaligned…

• Mirror images don’t match. Only one image so far does the most complete set of changes.

• Work mini-events can still display during your first day on that job type.

• Many of the new minor scenes don’t check for sun or water exposure yet, so any events requiring them won’t fire.

• I’m a complete tease: A sequence at the club leads into a sex scene that doesn’t exist yet.

• Mallory evaluation scene does not always show in the correct order with other post-work events

• Aphrodisiac code likely isn’t working properly, or at least the scenes using it need more testing.

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