Release: Interns v0.211

Interns v0.211 is available for now. Download at the links below or at

Version 0.211 contains bug fix for the version 0.210 which was previously available for early access. Full content notes on 0.210 can be found at the post linked here.





Changes in v0.211:

• Fixed bug that was blocking new Club event scenes and causing training scene to loop.

• Added Brooke and the record executives scene to the Club work event pool.

• Disabled the Sound and Voice volume options in the Preferences menu since they were misleading (there’s currently no sound of any kind in the game).

• Fixed broken mirror images when trying bikini with skirt for the first time.

• Added more BG images to one Club work event.

• Increased chances of miscellaneous post-work events.

One thought on “Release: Interns v0.211

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  1. Hm… Okay…

    You’ve likely heard this thousands of times already, but after many, many months, I find that I can’t NOT say it anymore.

    You seriously need to get a move on with this.

    All things considered, it is one of THE better interactive stories out there. The system you’re making is amazing and as someone with a minor background in programming I have an inkling of how complicated it all is to make this little masterpiece of yours work as well as it does.

    The story itself, what little there is, is interesting enough. Not entirely the most original, but it’s different enough from other, similar, premises that it’s worth taking the time to read through.

    That said, the story (or rather the lack of) is also what’s holding everything back.

    I understand why you would want to get the under-the-hood stuff out of the way first. After all, leaving it a mess is just going to make it harder to adjust later on once the early variables start to affect more of the mid-story/end-story content. Anything that isn’t polished now could lead to dozens of bugs later on (and fixing some bugs may even cause new ones) while cleaning up the code now means less bugs to sort through later on.

    But maybe you could consider throwing a bone to all the people waiting on the story.

    Look over what you’ve already fixed up, and see if you can advance the story even just a little bit. Just maybe a day or two of story-heavy content that doesn’t rely too much on the various… variables that will affect the storyline. Much like the early parts of the story that didn’t have too many variables affecting the story itself, maybe you could put in a story segment that doesn’t change very much regardless of which event flags were triggered.

    I can’t speak for others, but it’s getting tiresome seeing an update only to find that the story hasn’t advanced at all. Sure, new scenes are great, but most of the scenes do not yet have a huge impact on the overall story. Some, or maybe even all of them, might play a huge part later on, but since we’re seeing none of that just yet it’s very hard to appreciate. Especially when, most of the time, we have to start a new game and do everything from the start all over again, and then go through every single scene, picking every single possibility, only to discover that there was only one or two new scenes to find and that those scenes don’t even seem to have any impact on the current state of the game.

    It’s mainly because of this that I stopped downloading the past 4 or 5 updates. After all, I might as well just do it all in one go once the story advances a significant amount.

    Will it be more tiresome repeating that much content? Very likely, yes. But at least I’ll be repeating it knowing there’s lots of new stuff to be found instead of replaying each and every update for what feels like scraps.


    Please don’t let this get you down. I’ll still be keeping an eye out for future updates, but I won’t be touching it (as I’m already doing) until I see other people review/comment on an updated storyline. When I see that, I’ll likely wait a few more updates to let the story progress further before I get back into it.

    Good luck moving forward.


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