Early Access: Interns v 0.250

“One often creates more bugs on the road he takes to reduce them.” – Ancient Proverb (Probably)

TL;DR version: Those looking for a stable experience may want to steer clear. Lots of code changes and no new story content. I recommend trying this build out only if you’re curious about the new “optional menus” for wardrobe, telephone and items. (Or you want to help track down bugs.)


Announcement: I now have a Discord channel! Thanks to Louise for doing all of the work of getting it set up for me. Feel free to come by and chat. I might even be there some times…

Early Access: Interns v 0.250

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As I stated a little while back, I know have the crisitunty of working on Interns part-time. While not in the right mindset for writing, it did seem like a great opportunity to get started on the housecleaning I’d talked about even before that.

So, I’m part-way through some major overhauls for the game, which I hope will improve things both for the player, and make creating the game just a tad bit easier for me.

Optional Menus

I outlined this concept in a previous post. As of now, there are two types of optional menus in the game. The wardrobe lock button will make the game show the clothes/sunscreen/perfume menu at a fixed point in the script when enabled. The phone and items menu can be used whenever they are on-screen, at which they will jump you to a new scene before returning to the line of the previous scene where you first pressed the button.

I’d like to know peoples’ thoughts on these, as I think there’s some interesting potential here to reduce unnecessary menu clicking.

Fun note: i figured out how to change the phone graphic based on the menu option the player is hovering over. (Not sure what happens to those on touch-screens…)

Known issues: With both phone and item buttons available, you can use them to get into an endless loop. 

Event Picker

Free day and evening events use a new system that uses a Python class object for each scene. This allows the event picker to know things like whether or not the PC will need swimwear for the upcoming event.

Known issues: I had a lot of unexpected problems with this that may be tied to Ren’Py’s rollback. Some scenes that had previously been viewed would occasionally switch their status and enter the event pool again. Let me know if this happens to you, and which scenes are causing the problem.

Player Avatar Update

The player avatar image system got a big update. It’s moved to WEBP for smaller file sizes, and now allows for color tinting. I’ve greatly cleaned up an organized how calls to the system are done, making it much easier to use on my end. I’m hoping this system might lag less on less powerful devices.

Some new images were added, with one set of new casual clothes and a version of the resort uniform for a different mirror pose.

Note: So far, only the images to use this are the two full-body mirror images. More will be converted over in the future.

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