Update: June 2020

Interns Stuff

Last time I was able to make some massive headway on cleanup and reorganization. It’s done wonders for Avatar images, as I now have a more universal way of calling these images in-game and, on the back end, I’ve organized the files and folders used to make these graphics, which has streamlined the process of making them quite a bit.

I had wanted to work more on finishing the overhaul of the scene code, but, as I’m no longer on reduced hours at my day job (quite the opposite), I’ve decided to put that on hold until I have another block of uninterrupted time to focus on it (maybe next work holiday I get).

Instead, it’s been a while since there’s been some real content, so I’m pushing myself to get into the right mindset for some writing (trying to focus on Cynthia, since she was part of the main reason for trying to improve the morning and wardrobe code).

In addition to that, I’m still chipping away at the two aspects of Interns that I feel are preventing it from being what I wanted it to be in the first place: the sex and mind-control aspects of the game.

I mentioned previously that I was planning on stripping down the sex from the simulation I really wanted to do (maybe a future game when I have more time?) to something more streamlined.

Another big aspect of it is the graphical side of things. As the player character is overly-complex to make graphics of, I need to do it in a smart way, so I’ve been working on planning that out, with my intent to have reusable assets that can be combined in different ways to make different images. Part of the avatar overhaul was actually intended to help me with that–the ability to color-tint avatar images will make it possible to change scene lighting without needing to render new graphics.

For backers, I’ve gone into more detail on what I’m doing with this, so if it interests you…

Click here to see the post on SubscribeStar…

…or here to see it on Patreon.

Personal Note

Sorry I haven’t been very active in the community for a while. At work, I’ve been assigned to a big project that requires some extra training, and I’ve just been a bit overwhelmed.

Going off on a bit of a tangent here: I appear to be building up a list of a lot of new ideas I want to look into in the future–maybe not for Interns, necessarily… I’d like to explore adding animation to one of my projects at some point. I’ve looked at the idea of, perhaps, rotoscoping with a simple art style, but I’ve also gotten interested in tools such as Spine and Dragon Bones that can be used to animate 2D images. Could be neat.

Ah, it can be frustrating sometimes, as I have a lot of passion for game-making, but find time, energy, and lack of ability make it difficult. Ah well, nothing to do but keep pushing forward.

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