Thanks for Your Patience!

The Excuses Section

Hey, everybody! I was really hoping to have a new build out for you by now, but I wanted one that actually included some worthwhile content for you and, so far, that’s not working out.

I appreciate how patient everyone’s been (don’t think I had a single person so much as ask about the next build). I was at least hoping I’d get an extra day off from work for the holiday to get stuff done, but that didn’t happen. I might need to try scheduling a “vacation” at some point to help get me caught up.

What’s Coming Next

Content-wise, the stuff I’ve been working on has mostly involved Cynthia. She’s been well overdue, and the cleanup work I did in the morning code looks like it may be enough to make adding some of these events possible. (I’ve also added a little graphical UI timer bar for morning preparation so you know roughly how much time you have to goof off before work. Should help with getting that shower scene added previously.)

Irene got a little love, too. She’s the maid you catch in your room a few times. I’ve finally got her sprite updated and at least one scene that lets you start a bit of a casual relationship with her.

I’ve also been working to adapt some player-submitted content, which is tougher to do than I expected when I first asked for these. Lots of little tweaks and edits needed to make these sequences more universal, and less tied to specific mindsets of the PC.

I’ve been invested a lot in graphics, as well. I’ve been trying to finish off the last pair of costumes I had planned for the PC as well as working on the sex CGs I touched on in the last update. Had a bit of a setback in the former, as I’ll explain below.

Behind the scenes

I thought I’d knock out a Behind the Scenes update a bit early and talk about issues I’m having with costume #4. In particular, the plunging neckline of the lace-topped dress ended up breaking my avatar/paper doll system, as it required the PC’s skin to overlap the bottom of the outfit…something I (stupidly) didn’t plan for when I did an overhaul of the code earlier this year.

I was planning on talking about how I was going to address it… But when I opened the file to make some sample images, I discovered the Photoshop file was corrupt.

Looks like this must’ve happened the last time I saved the file. I hadn’t realized it even happened–only discovered it a few minutes ago, so my backup has the same problem.

So, in short: I’ve lost a ton of work I’ve done on that outfit. Original renders are still there, but this one was requiring some above-and-beyond Photoshop work, so this is a bit of a gut-punch when I was already behind.

Closing thoughts

Again, sorry for the delay. I’m even more sorry that I can’t post the Behind the Scenes to tide you over in the meantime. But I appreciate your support and I’m going to keep beating my head against this wall until it gives way or I do. 😉

P.S. – On a personal note: Don’t do major depression, kids. It just sucks the fun out of everything you used to like doing. 😜

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