Update: July 2020

Status Report

Those of you who have been following me on TFGamesSite and Discord have been getting little updates here and there, but I thought I should take a few minutes to give everyone a quick update as to where I am.

What I’ve been up to

As you may recall, I got off to a real bad start with this build working on stuff for sex sequences that I just ended up scrapping; way too much complexity for a game that’s already bogged down with way too much complexity.

Since the prior update included a big cleanup of all of the code around the PC’s room, I shifted my focus to seeing if all of that work would make it possible for me to finally add in some of the events I’d long had planned for Cynthia.

I gave you a glimpse of what that process involved in my last big post. In it, I mentioned that one of the stumbling blocks I saw coming involved figuring out how to handle cases where multiple events were triggered simultaneously. So things like…

  • Cyn is already in the room with the PC (such as with her “shower tutorial” sequence)
  • The PC’s hair has grown long enough for Cyn to suggest a haircut
  • It’s the first day the PC is in the sun and Cyn has advice on sunscreen

I’ve got most of that figured out, which mostly involved making each morning scene with Cynthia composed of multiple smaller scenes (as I did for Holly), and I’ve got most of that code done but it needs testing.

I had two transformation events that I wanted to include for the next update, but, so far, I’ve only managed to get one working (and, for that, I ended up needing to work with some placeholder graphics, as the renders for the avatar image had alignment issues again). I’ve tested the event a few times and ran into some issues that required some makeshift updates to a few mirror scenes, but it looks to be working well enough now.

It’s not exactly a TF, but the haircut event finally makes it possible for players to choose to stick with one of the shorter hairstyles now.

What I’d like to have done before the release

This build has been as much about content as the code required to get it into the game. I’ve got most of the former worked out, but there are still sections with no images or where only placeholder text appears.

I really wanted to have a build out after last weekend (and I’ve been pushing hard to work on it every chance I get). I’ve previously released plenty of builds that were just back-end updates, but, with this one, I feel that including more of the content that I’ve been working on is going to make a big difference in how worthwhile the update feels, so I hope you’ll continue to be patient as I try to get a bit more of this content into the game.

Thanks again, as always for your support of my work!

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