Early Access: Interns v0.260

It doesn’t contain everything I was working on, but I don’t want to make you want any longer than you already have. Without further ado, here’s v0.260…which is primarily a Cynthia-focused update.

Early access is available for those backing at $5 or more on…

A fresh save probably isn’t required, but wouldn’t hurt.

Main New Content in 0.260

Content-wise, most everything that’s been added involves having Cynthia help the player character get ready in the mornings. These are all scenes that were always intended to be early in the game, building off of the original makeover Cyn gives the PC in the first week.

There’s still more planned for this event chain, and, sadly, it still ends with a tease, but, hopefully, there’s enough to explore until the next Cyn-centered update.


Skip this part if you enjoy the frustration of discovering things on your own. For everyone else, here are a couple of tips to find some of the scenes.

Obviously, you’ll need to allow Cynthia to help you get ready in the morning.

You have a set amount of time to get ready for work each morning (and I’ve added a bar to the UI to help make it easier to track this time). When Cyn is helping you, she’ll appear a little while before this time has run out. If you’re still in the shower during this time or masturbating in front of the bathroom mirror, there’s a chance she’ll walk in on you.

Other additions

Aside from the aforementioned timer bar in the mornings, there are two new outfits added (one which has mirror support). There’s also a series of events that can change your eye color, and you now have the ability to get a haircut. All of these are currently only available through Cynthia’s events (technically, you can get the eye color event on your own), but alternate methods will be added at a later date.

What’s new? (That I remembered to write down…)

• New chain of events for Cynthia + CGs.
• New CGs for incomplete shower scene with Cynthia.
• New scene for Irene and new sprite (likely temporary).
• Added mirror “avatar” CG for new yellow dress outfit.
• New transformation event for eye color.
• Created preliminary haircut mechanics (only with Cynthia helping in the mornings).
• Added timer bar to morning preparation to make it easier to see how long you have to get ready for work.
• Added crude implementation of prep time tracking to mirror masturbation.
• Added slight variations on shower image (reverse pan and slow zoom out).
• Fixed error that was preventing beach party event from happening.
• Fixed issues that were preventing cover image stats from updating with most endings.
• Fixed issue with display of maid uniform for mirror image 2.

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