Early Access: Interns v0.270

It’s flawed, but it’s here: Interns v0.270 is now available to backers pledging $5 and up. Thanks for the wait!

Existing saves should work.

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This build introduces the start of the “become a model” path, with photo shoot events available with Scarlet and Dave. You should be able to get started by bumping into Scarlet a few times or by being invited by Gabby.

A bunch of new sex opportunities are available (thanks a lot to guest-writer Thule). I’ve done a quick rewrite of the code that was supposed to handle the PC getting hit on (or intentionally picking up) guests at the club, as the old one clearly wasn’t working properly. There are a handful of new sex events available. Sex with Dave is now a thing, too.

General rundown of what’s new:
• New scenes with Scarlet, leading to modeling opportunities
• Scenes with Dave that spin-off from Scarlet’s
• Multiple new hook-up encounters with guests and coworkers
• New avatar mirror image – should display more often the more the PC has adjusted to their new body
• New sprites for Gabby, Scarlet, Tiffany, John…and a couple new characters

Issues to be aware of:

• Images are still missing for a lot of scenes, especially the sex encounters (which would have been placeholders, anyway).
• Text still needs a polishing pass to get replace “–” with “—” and the like.
• The “wrap party” Scarlet mentions does not yet exist. Sorry.
• Using the phone for repeat hook-ups with random guests hasn’t been restored yet
• Avatar mirror image still has some graphical problems in certain combinations

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