Early Access: Interns v0.330

Interns v 0.330 is now available for early access!

A new save is required!
Don’t overwrite a previous directory! The game’s file structure has changed significantly.

It’s available to backers pledging $5 and up on:



This is a very exciting day for me, as today I’m finally releasing the first build of Interns with actual willpower mechanics!

There’s no real play balancing yet, not everything is working quite as intended, and I’ve already found more than a few issues I’ll need to address, but it’s not the complete dumpster fire I was expecting.

I’m anxious to hear your feedback after you give it a try.

Known problems:

Currently, the biggest flaw in the system is that I don’t have a good way of providing hints—messages before the menu that gives some guidance as to WHY some choices require a willpower check.

I made a quick attempt at it based on obedience and indoctrination levels, but in testing, the results weren’t satisfactory. I’ll probably need to go back to my original plan of having the code that compares all of the menu options determine which hints should show up.

Other things to know:

There’s currently no real peer pressure for drinking alcohol, as I wasn’t sure if that needed to be handled a bit differently based on character traits.

The PC has no resistances or way if altering the speed at which willpower regenerates. I’ll concern myself with those once I have what seems to be a reasonable balance of the system.

Most of the circumstances that apply the indoctrination and obedience effects are ones that already existed in the game,  but hadn’t had functional mechanics. (There are a few that I’ve quickly thrown in as well, just to make sure players with have a higher chance of seeing something in one of their games.)

Now that the basic mechanics are working, I’ll be adding more events that use these in later builds, so eventually managing willpower might be harder than it is here.

Change log:

  • Implementation of first version of willpower check system.
  • Willpower checks added where appropriate to many game decision menus.
  • Added obedience mechanics to work performance evaluations.
  • File reorganization – Created a subdirectory structure and moved files around to new locations to make them easier to follow. (The game was going to break old saves, anyway, so this seemed like a good time to do it.)
  • Sprite lighting revisions
  • Character model updates – heights, skin and hair color, etc.
  • UI work – Did a few revisions to willpower check icons to make sure players would recognize what they were. Increased the indicator fidelity from 5 levels to 10 to make small differences easier to recognize.
  • Experimented with creating a text spinner. Considering using this in combination with other randomizers to add a little more variety to frequently repeated sections.
  • Bug Fix – Should not have the option of going to the hot tub party twice.
  • Bug Fix – Person asked about at hot tub party should trigger the correct scene again.
  • Bug Fix – Restored the ability to skip the private beach party.
  • Misc – Mucked with the Night 1 chance of meeting Olivia. Much higher chance of meeting her (based on actions and traits).
  • Misc – Record executive Hal has had his name changed to Hank to prevent confusion with resort employee Hal.
  • Misc – Changed requirements on club “drunk sex” event so it only shows when appropriate to the character

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