Release: Interns v0.260

Interns v0.260 is now available! Release notes are available on the early access post.  (I'm also doing a popularity poll on Patreon...) Windows / Linux:MegaMediafire Mac version:MegaMediafire Android version:MegaMediaFire  

Early Access: Interns v0.260

It doesn't contain everything I was working on, but I don't want to make you want any longer than you already have. Without further ado, here's v0.260…which is primarily a Cynthia-focused update. Early access is available for those backing at $5 or more on...PatreonorSubscribeStar A fresh save probably isn't required, but wouldn't hurt. Main New... Continue Reading →

Update: July 2020

Status Report Those of you who have been following me on TFGamesSite and Discord have been getting little updates here and there, but I thought I should take a few minutes to give everyone a quick update as to where I am. What I’ve been up to As you may recall, I got off to... Continue Reading →

Coding BS

I thought I’d do something a bit different and write a post bit-by-bit as I worked on the game this weekend. So, what we have below is a bit of a free-form train-of-thought blog about what adding new content to Interns can involve sometimes (and why it can get rather frustrating). I really could have... Continue Reading →

Thanks for Your Patience!

The Excuses Section Hey, everybody! I was really hoping to have a new build out for you by now, but I wanted one that actually included some worthwhile content for you and, so far, that's not working out. I appreciate how patient everyone's been (don't think I had a single person so much as ask... Continue Reading →

Update: June 2020

Interns Stuff Last time I was able to make some massive headway on cleanup and reorganization. It's done wonders for Avatar images, as I now have a more universal way of calling these images in-game and, on the back end, I've organized the files and folders used to make these graphics, which has streamlined the... Continue Reading →

Release: Interns v 0.251

Interns v0.251 is now available! IMPORTANT: Do not overwrite your existing directory with this new build! Many filenames have changed, and doing so will leave old files that may prevent your game from working properly. IMPORTANT 2: Start a fresh game for this version. Interns v0.250 includes a major overhaul in how free-time events are... Continue Reading →

Early Access: Interns v 0.251

Interns version 0.251 is now available for early access to backers pledging $5+. Contains bug-fixes and other goodness (as seen above). Download links for SubscribeStar are here. Download links for Patreon are here.  Changes: • Addressed player-reported errors due to undefined or misnamed labels and variables. • Optional menus are now disabled when executing one... Continue Reading →


Just a quick update of things. COVID-19 With businesses starting to reopen, it looks like I may be back to full-time employment next week. While I’m happy I’ll be able to pay my bills, there’s a part of me that’s disappointed, since being part-time was a nice opportunity to really dig into Interns without as... Continue Reading →

UPDATE: April 2020

“Housecleaning” on the game continues on. As everything in the game is interconnected, each time I pull on one thread, it unravels more than I anticipated and I end up with more to fix than I started with. In this case, part of the addition of the wardrobe menu is showing the player the PC... Continue Reading →

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