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Welcome to the Isle de Extasis Resort! It’s a once in a life time opportunity on an island paradise. You may never leave…

As a fairly average man entering your third year of university, you thought you’d been awarded the opportunity of a lifetime when you were chosen out of countless others to get a summer internship at an exclusive, tropical resort.

The girls at the resort are all beautiful. Most are pretty slutty, too.

The last thing you expected was that you might be turned into one of them!

About the Game

This game is a work-in-progress! See the progress section below to get an idea of its current state.

Interns of Ecstasy Island is an erotic, gender-bender life-sim game.

What started as a too-good-to-be-true internship on a tropical island takes a strange twist when the protagonist finds him mysteriously transformed into one of the beautiful girls of the island. With his body and mind changing, it becomes clear that there’s far more too this internship that he expected. Will he embrace his new role as one of the resort’s promiscuous party girls, seek to find a way back to normal, or, perhaps, something in between?

The game is story-focused and text-heavy, presented in a visual novel format.

However, unlike a traditional visual novel that only branches at occasional player choices, Interns has a “life simulation” at its core. Game events are modular, played semi-randomly based on the player character’s job assignments and how they choose to spend their free time at the resort. With events and choices having an affect on the character’s stats, the hope is to provide an interesting and somewhat different experience each time you play.


Here’s a brief synopsis.

  • Male-to-female transformation
  • Body transformation (breast and hip expansion, etc.)
  • Masturbation, MF sex, FF sex, group sex
  • Mind control / Mental changes (targeting the player character)
  • Slow changes


While no game can offer the complete freedom to play your character any way you’d like, I’ve attempted to provide many opportunities to make choices based on your character’s personality. There are traits that can be chosen at the beginning (virgin, monogamous, teetotaler) that can make for a slightly different experience and influence events in the game.

Character stats
Behind the scenes stats can effect many of the encounters of the game. These include things like how tired your character is, how perceptive they are, inebriation and arousal.

See your character’s body change
Body transformation is a major theme of the game, and you can see the changes to your character in the bathroom mirror. Changes include hair color, length, breasts, hips and even tan-lines.

Modular events system
The game fills out your daily schedule with events based on your job assignments, character stats and choices, leading to a slightly different experience each time you play, and, hopefully, event combinations that can lead to unique scenarios.

Sex simulation
Your character’s stats are reflected in sex as well. How good sex is for both the player character and their partner(s) can depend on choices and events in the game. These choices can carry over to events outside of sex. Will your character have a manageable sex drive, or will frustration or a raging libido get you into trouble?

Willpower system
With intense pressure to join in on the debauchery of the island, the player character will need to manage their strength of will if they want to be certain that their choices are fully their own.

Overall, the game is very unfinished. The current version contains an intro and a 36-day loop through the game, containing only work days (no days off). No willpower or mental change aspects are included yet. Sex scenes are minimal, but are slowly being contributed too as a work on the code for the sex system.


Most discussion takes place on the thread for the game on TFGames.Site. If you have an account, feel free to head over, ask questions or share your thoughts on the game.


Interns of Ecstasy Island is being built with the Ren’Py engine, and has versions for Windows, Linux and Mac. (A preliminary Android version is also available, but is not guaranteed to work.)

You can download the latest build of the game on the TFGames.Site database.

I also provide early access to the latest builds I’m working on to those who support me. For details, click on one of the links below.

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