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Help Me!

This game is very much an early work-in-progress. Created as a 1-person hobby intended to explore many gameplay concepts at once, I’m fully aware I’ve bitten off more than I can chew here…but I’m having fun exploring all of these ideas nonetheless. Here’s where I am…

This is a big project to tackle alone, and I’d always planned to get help on it at some point. For now, I’m going to try testing the waters by allowing writers to contribute to the game.

If you’ve got some writing chops and you like Interns enough that you want to donate your creative energies to help me out, here’s what I’m looking for right now:

Sex scenes!

The game definitely needs sex content. It’s never been my strongest writing area, so I’m not terribly fast at it, so it doesn’t hurt to get a little help from people who enjoy doing it.

In particular, I’m currently looking for material to help fill out a couple of specific scenarios:
• Going back to a guest’s room to have sex.
• The player character masturbating in their room

Click the link to get a more detailed description of what I’m looking for.

[Sex Scene Request – Details]

Writing Guide

To help make things work more smoothly, I’ve written up a quick style guide to help you construct your submission in a way that will make it easier to for me to make it fit into the game. Click the link to view it.

[UsagiTripleSix Writing Guide]


I don’t want any hurt feelings, so I’ve written up a some terms you may want to consider before sending anything over to me. You’ll see it on the submission form itself. Please make sure you look it over before you decide to send me content.

Submit now
Got something ready for me to look at? Here’s where you can send it to me.


Want to help out, but can’t contribute anything I’m currently looking for? You can always pledge support on SubscribeStar or Patreon. Helpful feedback is also welcome on my thread on

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