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Welcome to my site dedicated to my various projects. I do these as a hobby primarily to entertain myself, but share what I’ve created with like-minded individuals online.

My latest project is a hybrid Visual Novel / Life Simulator game called Interns of Ecstasy Island.



  • Splitting Up

    So, Twi, who’s been working to help me by creating a new framework for the game, has been urging me to keep everyone in the loop with a progress update.

    While I’ve been struggling to learn Git and have been doing cleanup and reorganization of the game code and files to make it comprehensible to someone who isn’t me, Twi has built a timelog system and now has a stand-alone proof-of-concept “game” running with the new code.


    Up until now, the game hasn’t really been aware of anything the player has done unless I explicitly have a scene set variables that I remember to check later.

    Twi’s timelog sets out to make this less hap-hazard by creating a time-stamped registry of events. Whenever the PC interacts with a character or takes some kind of an action, I can add it to the log when it happens so that there will be a standardized record.

    The log also has helpful search functions, so I can find out when something happened, how often, how much time passed between it happening, etc., etc. The new code for scenes can allow these log entries to be used as requirements for scenes to be selected, which should make adding them to the game a bit easier.

    Ren’Py challenges

    Admittedly, my coding skills are pretty weak, as most of my experience is with Ren’Py’s own language and small bits of Python that I’ve been using from inside of it.

    Twi tells me that Python is heavily-modified inside of Ren’Py, which has made developing the timelog a bit challenging, particularly because of Ren’Py’s rollback feature.

    For those who aren’t familiar, in most Ren’Py games, you can use the mouse wheel (or, I believe, page-up and page-down) to “reverse time” and step back through the game to an extent.

    Ren’Py is pretty good about remembering variables that have been set and changing them back (otherwise Interns would completely break if the player rolled back past a variable that tracks some important event). The changes made to Python in order to make this happen are making this difficult to implement the timelog in a way that will allow it to rollback as well.

    It sounds like this issue is mostly solved, however, so things are looking good.

    Splitting Up

    I’m trying not to allow working on this rebuild to prevent me from getting new content out, so we’ve been discussing splitting things up and creating two versions of the game for the near future; the “legacy” version that continues as-is, and a new version built on this new framework.

    Existing content will be added to the new build over time, and players can try it out and give us feedback on how it’s working, what bugs they’re coming across, etc.

  • Update December 2020

    So, this is our last update of 2020 it seems. Nothing too exciting going on so far on my end. I’ve gotten a lot of feedback on the latest release, which includes a whole bunch of bugs—many of which are he results of issues that have been compounding over time, so I’ll probably need a while to pull the whole thing apart and get it running properly. (In particular, I need to figure out why the clothing preview disappears if you have Cynthia helping in the mornings, and why one of her scenes keeps repeating.)

    The HS community keeps putting out useful models and such, so I’ve updated my library with additional items and clothing. The beach scene that I used for the preview image in the last update was mostly created using these new models (rather than trying to fudge a beach scene with photo manipulation). I’ve also got a new, higher-resolution body mesh that I’m excited to try out (including poseable toes).

    I’m probably going to be pressing my luck with the censors on Patreon (less so on SubscribeStar), but I’ll give you at the, uh…interactive genitalia in the backers-only post, so if you’re a backer, click the appropriate link to check that out:

    Patreon SubscribeStar

    I’ve also gone back to what I left unfinished from the beginning of the last update;  namely the mind-control elements I was working on, as well as trying to get all of the existing sex scenes up to stuff with proper event tracking (and now there are a few more of them). Hopefully, we’ll eventually have consistent tracking for virginity loss and the like.

    Aside from those, some of my time has been spent getting acquainted with Git and Gitlab, learning how handle collaboration with Interns. Git is command-line-based, so it’s a lot of learning what commands do what, and trying not to explode the game while figuring out how to do version control.

    I did a brief look into image up-scaling via AI. A problem I frequently run into is not having large or sharp enough images to work with, so I thought it might be another nice tool to add to my arsenal. Looks a bit more complicated to set up than I was expecting, however, so I’m not sure it’s quite worth the time investment to figure out.

    Anyway, I hope everyone’s enjoying the last of 2020, and is looking forward to more Interns development in 2020.

  • Release: Interns v0.271

    Interns v0.271 is now available.

    For those who haven’t played v0.270 yet, the release notes for that update can be found here.

    This release is mostly a bugfix update, but does contain a few new CGs.


    • New CGs added to Dave modeling scene. 
    • Fixed issue with “[partner_name]” variable appearing in text. 
    • Adjusted sex scenes so that they should take up game time now. (No more back-to-back encounters as if no time had passed.) 
    • Corrected misc typos and other text issues.

    Windows / Linux:

    Mac version:

    Android version:

  • Early Access: Interns v0.270

    It’s flawed, but it’s here: Interns v0.270 is now available to backers pledging $5 and up. Thanks for the wait!

    Existing saves should work.

    Links on SubscribeStar
    Links on Patreon

    This build introduces the start of the “become a model” path, with photo shoot events available with Scarlet and Dave. You should be able to get started by bumping into Scarlet a few times or by being invited by Gabby.

    A bunch of new sex opportunities are available (thanks a lot to guest-writer Thule). I’ve done a quick rewrite of the code that was supposed to handle the PC getting hit on (or intentionally picking up) guests at the club, as the old one clearly wasn’t working properly. There are a handful of new sex events available. Sex with Dave is now a thing, too.

    General rundown of what’s new:
    • New scenes with Scarlet, leading to modeling opportunities
    • Scenes with Dave that spin-off from Scarlet’s
    • Multiple new hook-up encounters with guests and coworkers
    • New avatar mirror image – should display more often the more the PC has adjusted to their new body
    • New sprites for Gabby, Scarlet, Tiffany, John…and a couple new characters

    Issues to be aware of:

    • Images are still missing for a lot of scenes, especially the sex encounters (which would have been placeholders, anyway).
    • Text still needs a polishing pass to get replace “–” with “—” and the like.
    • The “wrap party” Scarlet mentions does not yet exist. Sorry.
    • Using the phone for repeat hook-ups with random guests hasn’t been restored yet
    • Avatar mirror image still has some graphical problems in certain combinations

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