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Welcome to my site dedicated to my various projects. I do these as a hobby primarily to entertain myself, but share what I’ve created with like-minded individuals online.

My latest project is a hybrid Visual Novel / Life Simulator game called Interns of Ecstasy Island.



  • Early Access – Interns v 0.240

    Interns version 0.240 is available for early access to backers pledging $5 and up. This versions should work fine with saves from the previous build.

    Download links are available here on SubscribeStar and here on Patreon.

    Interns version 0.240

    I’m considering this the “Better than Nothing” release! Not amazing, but I’ve been struggling quite a bit recently. 

    Content-wise, there are some new scenes for both Scarlet and Rodney (including one WITH both Scarlet and Rodney). There are also a few scenes that hint at things to come.

    Code-wise, I did a lot of changes to how Tatum’s scenes are triggered, making it significantly easier to get the threesome scene.

    Old saves should work for the most part, but some of Scarlet’s scenes won’t fire if you’ve already viewed her previous scenes (some new flags were added with this version).

    Change List:

    • Hanson’s arrival no longer triggers Phase 2, but, instead, now marks the official beginning of Phase 1.

    • Changed Phase 1 and Phase 2 start dates.

    • New code for handling the arrival of Palmer and Scarlet. Rather than only arriving during the first week, they now have a 20% chance of arriving each day between the first week and the start of Phase 1 (currently day 22). Short version: You now have a better chance of seeing them arrive if you work Guest Services early on.

    • Reworked some code behind Tatum’s events. You can now learn about her problem just by witnessing a couple of her events, rather than only by eavesdropping. The mini-event where the PC can ask about it has alternate versions for this now.

    • The Tatum and Todd scene is available without having viewed the scene confirming Tatum’s problem with her. (That was never the intended behavior.)

    • PC no longer needs to have been investigating the hotel in order to be able to snoop while delivering room service.

    New Scenes:

    • Scarlet talks to PC after sex on the beach with Clint

    • Scarlet, Tiffany and Brittney give Rodney a hard time

    • 3 scenes hanging out with Rodney at the club

    • Mini work event: Tatum’s medication

    • Mini work event: Dan and Steve 

    Known Issues:

    • Some events, like Scarlet’s follow-up to the PC seeing her and Clint, should be able to happen in locations such as Poolside, but the code to fire these scenes isn’t in place yet.

    • Magic wand and size changes appear to be fairly broken (the change isn’t supposed to happen all at once or to that degree).

  • A New Decade

    Hi, and welcome to the ’20s!

    So, while I’m still struggling with RL stuff (including a restructuring at my day job that’s likely to see me with increased responsibilities), I’m trying my best to keep pushing through with Interns. Things have been fairly quiet in our little community, but I have been getting some interesting feedback on the recent builds of the game, which I definitely appreciate. I’m pretty sure I made some story missteps with the Mallory announcement event. I’m not exactly sure what I was thinking with that (other than I was likely mixing up ideas for separate events).

    For the next build, I’ve changed up the schedule so that Hanson’s appearance now marks the start of “Phase 1” rather than “Phase 2,” so hopefully that won’t be quite as abrupt. The Phase 2 start event has been pushed back toward the start of Month 3 (though that currently makes it inaccessible. I may need to move it temporarily).

    Working on this prompted me to spend some time thinking about how I might want to handle things like major story events that affect everything in the game, individual story chains and stuff like NPC introductions. Seeing as I’ve got to give my patrons a little something extra for their support, I’ve explored these things in more detail in my latest Behind the Scene post, which can be found on Patreon and SubscribeStar.

    I’ve had plenty of things left over from last time to continue working on, as well as stubborn bugs to make another attempt at fixing (mirror swimwear, I’m looking at you!). In new content, Scarlet and Rodney are a pair who have been getting a bit of additional love this time around, as they have some scenes both separately and together. I’m finding it a little challenging to figure out how to get the PC interested in following either of their stories, as a smart person would probably steer clear (which is true for most of the crazies on this island), but hopefully I’ll come up with something.

    Anyway, I’ll keep forging ahead. In the meantime, keep any questions and feedback coming!

  • Early Access – Interns v0.230

    Interns v0.230 is now available for early access to backers on Patreon and SubscribeStar!

    If you’re looking for a refined experience, this build isn’t for you. Lots of missing images, continuity errors and half-finished additions to the game.

    With that out of the way, he’s what’s in Interns v0.230:


    This update was mostly focused on sex. There’s one continuation of the big Holly scene from last time (with some variations planned for the future). Tatum has a scene with a guest and the PC. There are multiple new scenes for random guests and a few new ways to get to them.

    It’s not sex, but you can take a shower with Cynthia. I’ve also spiced up existing shower scenes with a fully-functional avatar image that shows body shape, hair color and tan lines.

    Bug fixes and optimization:

    Unsurprisingly, a lot of bugs were introduced when I did the major overhaul of the schedule and clinic. In addition to error messages, it looks like some of the scenes were unintentionally locked out. I’ve hopefully made them available again.

    Additionally, I’ve done some image optimization work, which should hopefully bring the overall size of the game down and may hopefully help performance a little bit for people on mobile or slower machines. Let me know if the switch to WEBP for sprites causes any problems.

    Unfinished business:

    Most of my focus in the last month was on more “avatar” images (I’d like to the mirror images to be more complete), a rebuild of the sex system and more work on the, uh…let’s call it the “hooking up with guests” system. It’s got a long way to go, so right now there are just a few non-interactive scenes to play through.

    Special Thanks:

    I’ve actually got a backlog of player submissions which is great, though I haven’t had a chance to work through all of them. Thule came through with some great sex scenes, and you should be able to find it in this build.

    More details:

    • Three new Tatum scenes for Guest Services

    • New scene with May where the PC can learn the clip trick

    • New scene for the porn channel

    • PC can pick up guests on her own at the club once orientation and lust are at appropriate levels certain level

    • It’s now possible to learn the clip trick from May. Restaurant scene was reworked in case the PC already knows it.

    • If the right conditions are met, Cynthia can help the PC out in the shower.

    • Replaced character sprite PNGs with WebP for file size reduction.

    • Updated the engine to Ren’Py 7.3.3, which makes promises of more optimizations.

    • Updated the engine to Ren’Py 7.3.4 due to reports of bugs in 7.3.3

    • Updated the engine to Ren’Py 7.3.5 because, hey, at this point, why not?

    • As saved games from before version 0.212 can’t be made to work with the new schedule system, the save file updater no longer does anything with these older files.

    • Changed clinic code to allow PC to ask the nurse about medical issues. (Should unlock scenes that were blocked off before.)

    • Variable “nurse_medical_issue_count” should now be initialized properly.

    • Changed text when shadowing Christina at the restaurant if you’ve met her previously.

    • Removed some debug messages that were accidentally appearing.

    • Rewrote the first swimwear try-on to account for PCs who have already exceeded the max suit sizes. Should prevent error messages.

    Known issues:

    • In the shower image, one of the body sizes is missing soap suds for some reason…

    • It’s possible to loop when telling the nurse about a medical issue (due to how the placeholders are being handled).

    • The shower background is appearing in inappropriate scenes. Seems to be RenPy showing preference for the filename over the defined image.

    • Cyn can arrive even if she’s already in the room from the shower sequence.

  • Life is Pain

    Okay, headline is a bit melodramatic, but it’s been a lot of struggling in the last month and a half.

    Cutting Part of a Feature

    So, bit of bad news first: After trying pretty much every reasonable thing I could come up with, I just can’t find a way to handle positioning of long hair for the protagonist. If it needs to be moved at all, I just can’t get the different color versions and the masks to line up properly, meaning far too much image editing time for each CG that requires it.

    Honestly, the game is way overdue for some cutting back anyway, so I think I’m going to eliminate the longer hair lengths. It was an extra that people asked for early on, but it’s already taken up too much time in trial and error, and I think it’s probably best to drop it and press forward.

    Next one that might get the axe is makeup. Really, I only planned on having this show up in close-ups, but I’m having trouble getting it to work alongside tanning. The image above demonstrates weirdness I was getting in my latest attempt. This mirror image was mostly working, but the tanned version of the makeup layer won’t match the opacity of the rest of the layer. (On the plus side, the new eye colors were much easier than I expected!)

    I’ve tried getting some help on the coding issue, to see if there’s something I’m doing wrong, but help with this sort of thing isn’t as easy to get as it used to be. Really, though, the effect is such a minor thing that I don’t want to waste too much time trying to get it to work if it’s going to keep being difficult.

    Stuff That Hasn’t Been Cut Yet

    As you can see, I’ve been working a bit on graphics, and I’m hoping to have some more mirror images ready for the next big build.

    After those, I want to move on to more CGs with the player character. Specifically, images for sex scenes. As I’ve been putting a lot of my energy into getting more events with sex involving the PC into the game, I’m sure most players would like to see their character’s actual body in those events, rather than nothing or another place-holder image.

    Speaking of those events: Part of that work involves making it so the PC can hook up with guests at the resort. Like everything else in the game, I’d like to have a bit of a random element to keep things interesting for replayabilty. This means the guests will have attributes that will change each time. There isn’t any of that in the game just yet (it’s far more likely that you’ll just get a few static guests for a while), but I am laying some of the groundwork for it.

    Like the PC, I’ll be using a sort of layered-image approach for these characters, so they’ll be built from mix-and-match parts. Hopefully they won’t be quite to the same level of complexity, though. Instead, I’m looking at a set of body types and different heads for each skin type.

    (I’m just thinking “out loud” at this point, but as these guests are supposed to have varying levels of attractiveness, I might do some player polls and let the players rank them for me…)


    Gotta give a little something back to my backers (and, also, Patreon forbids “implied nudity” in public posts), so samples of what I’m working are available in a special restricted post: (Here on Patreon and here on SubscribeStar.)

    Life…Don’t Talk to Me About Life…

    I saved this section for the end for people who aren’t interested in personal updates. Game development frustrations aside, I’m still struggling a bit with health issues. In general, stress takes a much bigger toll on me than it used to, so I find I can’t push myself as hard as I used to.

    Fortunately, the holidays mean time away from the day job, which has traditionally been good for Interns development. Hopefully that will be the case for this year.

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