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Welcome to my site dedicated to my various projects. I do these as a hobby primarily to entertain myself, but share what I’ve created with like-minded individuals online.

My latest project is a hybrid Visual Novel / Life Simulator game called Interns of Ecstasy Island.



  • Update: October 2019

    It’s the Halloween Update SPOOKtacular!

    (But not really… It’s really just a regular update.)

    Sorry if I haven’t been quite as responsive as usual in the last week. Between insanity at my day job and some health issues, I’ve been pretty tapped out.

    I’ve gotten a lot of great feedback on the last build. There have been lots of story inconsistencies pointed out, bugs and other issues brought to my attention, story ideas and even some scripts submitted, so that’s pretty exciting…also gives me a lot to work on for the next release.

    I took a little time to explore more of my art options as well. I always figured I’d be looking into Daz3D for future projects, but it occurred to me that it might have potential for creating backgrounds for Interns as well. The method I’m using for backgrounds right now is okay for basic scenes, but if I want a series of CGs in a single location with lots of different angles, it ends up being a TON of Photoshop work for me. I thought I’d explore 3D sets so that I could render the angles I need. Going to take a bit of trial and error, since I’m not really familiar with the software and it looks like it’s changed a lot since the last time I tried it out.

    You’ve might’ve noticed in the last build that I’ve started adding more events that will eventually lead to hooking up with guests. (They all, sadly, are non-events or lead to placeholders.) I’m still trying to push these forward so that they’re actually worth checking out.

    Part of this has lead to what’s probably the fourth(?) revision of the sex system. I’ve mostly scrapped what I had and rebuilt it using everything I’ve learned from the past versions and now have something cleaner, a bit less complicated, and a little easier to predict.

    In keeping with the themes of the game, it’s all still based on interactions between physical and psychological elements, of course. As such, a part of the process has included addressing some of the lust-triggering events that have already been seeded into the game to start taking the PC’s orientation into account. Since the player character’s sexual orientation changes over the course of the game, it only makes sense that turn-ons and turn-offs need to be able to reflect that.

    Does this qualify as a body TF?

    Aspects of body transformation tie in here as well. I’ve long hinted that there would be more things that can be changed about the PC’s body than just the visible traits. A bunch of these apply to the sex system

    Here’s what’s in the current version system:


    • Body parts are each assigned a sensitivity value

     •  Sensitivity has a minimum and maximum value that it ramps up to based on the level of arousal

    The general idea here is that, the more sensitive an area, the more pleasure can be produced from interacting with it.

    Ease of orgasm:

    In the previous version of the system, I had a pretty complicated system that handled how easy/difficult it was for the PC to have an orgasm. I’ve got with a much simpler method that’s a bit easier to work with. For those who have found it in the current build, you’ll know that there are already the beginnings of how the PC will be able to get some help with this.

    Quality of orgasm:

    This one is still really in flux, as it wasn’t initially planned. I’ve been trying to figure out a system that handles how powerful an orgasm is, how satisfied it leaves the PC, etc., based on all of the other elements already in the system. (Good ones can leave the PC content for a while, while lackluster ones can end with her being unsatisfied, with sexual frustration making lust more insistent.)

    This came about from some of my experiments; I was looking at how changes in sensitivity and ease of orgasm (see above) impacted the quality of orgasm system I worked out, and I discovered some interesting side-effects. Mostly, if it was made *too* easy for the PC to climax, the orgasms ended up being pretty weak.

    This introduced another variable with the potential to be changed in-game: a modifier for orgasm quality. Could be fun to incorporate into the story.

    Changed from the previous builds…


    Sex acts in the game have always had an intensity level (representing how fast/vigorous the action is). In past versions, I had this being used as a multiplier for pleasure, and it didn’t quite work out the way I wanted. For the new version, it’s being used to add more of a game aspect to the system.

    The idea being that, at different levels of arousal and/or progress towards orgasm, different levels of intensity will be more or less effective. So, choosing the right action at the right time will get you better results.

    I like this aspect because I can give NPCs skill levels; more skilled NPCs will know when to use the right intensity at the right time, whereas less skilled ones will make less effective choices.

    When the PC is in control, the player should be able to handle these choices. I’m still trying to think of a good way to handle this that doesn’t involve a menu popping up every “round,” however. (The existing mirror masturbation scene should give you a good idea of how it would look if I did that.)

    Still to Come…

    Artificial intelligence!

    As you can guess from that last part, there’s a need for a bit of an “AI” for NPCs. I have a start on that from a while back. It’s not quite as ambitious as it sounds (or at least I hope not) since it’s really just a basic structure for sex scenes (much like how the job manager handles the events that fire off at work).


    As a way of keeping sex events from going on forever, “stamina” is going to be used to control how many acts the player can take. This will likely be derived from the amount of energy the PC has, though, when NPCs are involved, they’ll have their own stamina to deal with.

    Penetration, Pain, and Lubrication

    The previous version had a lot of this already worked in (and you may be able to see some of it in the sex scene with the man who tries o romance the PC at the club). I feel like it got a bit too complicated, so I’d like to find an easier way to handle it. The general idea is that the PC should be at minimum levels of arousal for certain actions to be pleasurable. If not, being too rough will result in a bit of a penalty and some appropriate flavor text (likely some scene branching or early ends, too).

    For those who are really interested in my work on this, I’ve got a post for backers that goes over a bit of my testing process. Those pledging $1 or more can check out that post here on Patreon or here on SubscribeStar.

    I have no idea what I’m doing, and this is a lot of trial and error on my part, but I’m going to keep trying to refine this as I add more opportunities for the PC to hook up with people around the resort, and hopefully get more of those scenes at least a little more fleshed-out.

  • Release: Interns v 0.220


    Interns v 0.220 is now available. Links to download are below.

    Release notes can be found on the blog post for the early access version here.




  • WebP

    With the size of the game growing with every update, I thought it might be a good time to look into space-saving options again.

    Ren’Py used to have JCC as an option for images with transparent backgrounds: This would save the image and the alpha channel as lossy JPGs, reassembling them in-game.

    Modern Ren’Py now has WebP support, so I thought I’d look into that a little bit…

    I can’t say I know much about the pros and cons of the format, but from just some tests, it certainly looks promising.

    It’s probably not the best way to do a demonstration, but the above image of May is made from saves at different levels of compression. Clearly, there’s zero difference between any of them!

    No, don’t panic, I’m just kidding. Scrutinizing the images in Photoshop, I could make out some artifacts at 50% compression, but at the lowest compression settings, the differences between the two images was fairly negligible.

    The size difference, on the other hand, is significant. Here’s what it looks like:
    1,422 KB – Lossless PNG
    942 KB – Lossless WEBP
    441 KB – Lowest Compression WEBP
    56 KB – 50% Compression WEBP
    18 KB – Highest Compression WEBP

    So, as you can see, this is a drastic improvement. Converting the character sprite directory to this format, even at the lowest compression, brings it from 222 MB down to 64.7 MB.

    Unless anyone knows some reason why I shouldn’t be using this format, I’m seriously considering making the switch.

  • Early Access – Interns 0.220

    New Build

    Early access to a new build of Interns is available to backers pledging $5 or more. Support me on SubscribeStar or Patreon!

    In order to better handle major story events (or, really, be able to handle them at all), I did a complete overhaul of the main schedule code. The schedule update has much better handling for evening shifts, free days and performance evaluation events, as well as providing me more flexibility when it comes to changing up the work schedule and making sure certain special events will always fall on work or free days as needed.

    Because these change label names in core areas of the game, A NEW START IS ABSOLUTELY REQUIRED FOR THIS VERSION!

    New content was added in obscure places that can be hard to find! (Oops. Wasn’t really intentional…) These are mostly for Holly and Reika. (If you haven’t found Reika yet, spend a lot of time investigating the resort and work at the Restaurant. You have to do something pretty stupid find her.) The new changes to the schedule and some rebalancing I’ve done should make it a bit easier to get these than it was in the past.

    As always, this post on is a great resource if you’re having trouble finding a scene:

    The game has two new endings (one of which might not be a complete joke) and two classic endings make a comeback. Collect them all!

    General Rambling

    I explained in my last update that this quickly turned into the update from hell. I thought I’d built the game to be able to handle a lot of things, but when I tried to expand past “the helicopter scene” and add game-changing events for Holly and May, it became evident that a lot more needed to be done. I’ve got it fairly functional, but it’s clear that it’s going to need more work before it’s smoothed out. (I’m sure you’ll let me know about the glaring errors and showstoppers.)

    On top of that, I had a setback with images of the PC, that forced me to hold off on the next batch of mirror images until I figure it out.

    I’d also been working on laying ground work for guests to hit on the PC during work, but it appears the file I was writing in didn’t save, so I only have a couple little scene stubs. Disappointing, but it will probably be more of a focus for next time.

    Oh, and on a similar note: I’ve added some partial support for masturbation scenes both in the room and with the porn TV channel. There’s very little text and it’s mostly code working in the background, but it does connect to some of the new stuff I’ve added for Holly/the nurse/Reika.

    Anyway, I’m sure there’s a ton of stuff I forgot, but here are the changes I had in my notes:


    Main Game Loop/Schedule Overhaul

    • Rebuilt schedule system to be more flexible, allowing for better handling of chain events. Day loop has been broken into three separate loops for: day work shift, evening work shift, free day.

    • Two schedule types are available starting with the second play-through of the game: Working through most of the jobs a couple days at a time, or going straight to a 5-day work week at the task of your choice.

    • When working evening shifts, performance evaluations take place before the start of the final shift. Job assignments are no longer instant, and are instead applied at the end of the day.

    • On day shifts, performance evaluations will not play before special events that are supposed to take place before leaving work.

    • Set groundwork to make it possible to miss a work evaluation without breaking the game.

    • Beach party will no longer be assigned if the next day is a day off.

    • Job notices should now trigger only on the morning of the start of a new assignment

    Clinic Expansion

    • Clinic code expanded to handle more scenarios. The nurse is no longer banned, so you can see her scenes again.

    • Clinic is now available to visit during the day.

    • Started a more standardized way of handling medical ailment “quests.”

    • Clinic is unlocked for those who haven’t unlocked Holly, but only the nurse is available for now (and typically only if the PC has a reason to visit).

    • Availability of the doctor and nurse now vary by time of day.


    • New “Phase 2” introduction scene with Mallory.

    • Additional scenes for Holly’s storyline.

    • Working for Reika has been expanded. New event if the PC is cooperating with May at the same time.

    • Holly and the nurse can be visited for a couple of “health issues.”

    • A couple new guest scenes added.

    • Added new endings (Restored some “fan favorites” as well). Main ending involves working for Reika.

    Sex Event Work

    • Hacked in a really crude place holder masturbation system for the PC’s room (to be expanded on with an eventual overhaul of sex)

    • Implemented a some rough event counters for sex acts and orgasms

    • Stubs have been added for handling guests approaching the PC during work


    • Added color to dialogue to make it stand out a bit more. Looking for feedback on this. Like it? Don’t like it? Think it should be optional?

    • Adjusted random chances for some events depending on player actions. (Better chance of meeting May or learning the clip trick if you’ve been investigating frequently.)

    • Stopped mini-events from playing before first shift of a job type

    • Added some “shorter start” variations to Cyn’s swimwear conversation, hopefully making the scene a bit faster to get through on replays.

    • Improved handling and messages for free days.

    • File cleanup work (sorted scenes and variables into their proper files)

    Bug Fixes

    • Fixed bug with Reika’s wand and hips changes. (Sizing down is likely still broken)

    • Fixed bugs preventing meeting May and Renata mini-work event from firing.

    • Fixed some bugs with investigation tracking

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