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Welcome to my site dedicated to my various projects. I do these as a hobby primarily to entertain myself, but share what I’ve created with like-minded individuals online.

My latest project is a hybrid Visual Novel / Life Simulator game called Interns of Ecstasy Island.



  • Release: Interns v0.260
  • Early Access: Interns v0.260

    It doesn’t contain everything I was working on, but I don’t want to make you want any longer than you already have. Without further ado, here’s v0.260…which is primarily a Cynthia-focused update.

    Early access is available for those backing at $5 or more on…

    A fresh save probably isn’t required, but wouldn’t hurt.

    Main New Content in 0.260

    Content-wise, most everything that’s been added involves having Cynthia help the player character get ready in the mornings. These are all scenes that were always intended to be early in the game, building off of the original makeover Cyn gives the PC in the first week.

    There’s still more planned for this event chain, and, sadly, it still ends with a tease, but, hopefully, there’s enough to explore until the next Cyn-centered update.


    Skip this part if you enjoy the frustration of discovering things on your own. For everyone else, here are a couple of tips to find some of the scenes.

    Obviously, you’ll need to allow Cynthia to help you get ready in the morning.

    You have a set amount of time to get ready for work each morning (and I’ve added a bar to the UI to help make it easier to track this time). When Cyn is helping you, she’ll appear a little while before this time has run out. If you’re still in the shower during this time or masturbating in front of the bathroom mirror, there’s a chance she’ll walk in on you.

    Other additions

    Aside from the aforementioned timer bar in the mornings, there are two new outfits added (one which has mirror support). There’s also a series of events that can change your eye color, and you now have the ability to get a haircut. All of these are currently only available through Cynthia’s events (technically, you can get the eye color event on your own), but alternate methods will be added at a later date.

    What’s new? (That I remembered to write down…)

    • New chain of events for Cynthia + CGs.
    • New CGs for incomplete shower scene with Cynthia.
    • New scene for Irene and new sprite (likely temporary).
    • Added mirror “avatar” CG for new yellow dress outfit.
    • New transformation event for eye color.
    • Created preliminary haircut mechanics (only with Cynthia helping in the mornings).
    • Added timer bar to morning preparation to make it easier to see how long you have to get ready for work.
    • Added crude implementation of prep time tracking to mirror masturbation.
    • Added slight variations on shower image (reverse pan and slow zoom out).
    • Fixed error that was preventing beach party event from happening.
    • Fixed issues that were preventing cover image stats from updating with most endings.
    • Fixed issue with display of maid uniform for mirror image 2.

  • Update: July 2020

    Status Report

    Those of you who have been following me on TFGamesSite and Discord have been getting little updates here and there, but I thought I should take a few minutes to give everyone a quick update as to where I am.

    What I’ve been up to

    As you may recall, I got off to a real bad start with this build working on stuff for sex sequences that I just ended up scrapping; way too much complexity for a game that’s already bogged down with way too much complexity.

    Since the prior update included a big cleanup of all of the code around the PC’s room, I shifted my focus to seeing if all of that work would make it possible for me to finally add in some of the events I’d long had planned for Cynthia.

    I gave you a glimpse of what that process involved in my last big post. In it, I mentioned that one of the stumbling blocks I saw coming involved figuring out how to handle cases where multiple events were triggered simultaneously. So things like…

    • Cyn is already in the room with the PC (such as with her “shower tutorial” sequence)
    • The PC’s hair has grown long enough for Cyn to suggest a haircut
    • It’s the first day the PC is in the sun and Cyn has advice on sunscreen

    I’ve got most of that figured out, which mostly involved making each morning scene with Cynthia composed of multiple smaller scenes (as I did for Holly), and I’ve got most of that code done but it needs testing.

    I had two transformation events that I wanted to include for the next update, but, so far, I’ve only managed to get one working (and, for that, I ended up needing to work with some placeholder graphics, as the renders for the avatar image had alignment issues again). I’ve tested the event a few times and ran into some issues that required some makeshift updates to a few mirror scenes, but it looks to be working well enough now.

    It’s not exactly a TF, but the haircut event finally makes it possible for players to choose to stick with one of the shorter hairstyles now.

    What I’d like to have done before the release

    This build has been as much about content as the code required to get it into the game. I’ve got most of the former worked out, but there are still sections with no images or where only placeholder text appears.

    I really wanted to have a build out after last weekend (and I’ve been pushing hard to work on it every chance I get). I’ve previously released plenty of builds that were just back-end updates, but, with this one, I feel that including more of the content that I’ve been working on is going to make a big difference in how worthwhile the update feels, so I hope you’ll continue to be patient as I try to get a bit more of this content into the game.

    Thanks again, as always for your support of my work!

  • Coding BS

    I thought I’d do something a bit different and write a post bit-by-bit as I worked on the game this weekend. So, what we have below is a bit of a free-form train-of-thought blog about what adding new content to Interns can involve sometimes (and why it can get rather frustrating).

    I really could have saved this post to use as a special behind-the-scenes post for backers, but I thought I’d share this little piece of my self-created private hell with everyone.

    So, without further ado…

    Adding a new scene to Interns

    So, let’s that you’re me and you’ve written a bunch of scenes and made some graphics. Now you’d like them to be in the game. How does that work?

    Well, since you kinda suck at this coding, planing and game logic thing, it looks a bit like this:

    Step 1: Identify all the places where the new scenes need to be injected.

    Right now, I’m working on events for Cynthia, so this includes:

    • Her normal arrival time, which has its own block in the morning preparation loop

    • The shower block (which is currently one special event that really should influence the following event in the aforementioned normal blog—in other words: The scene shouldn’t have Cynthia arrive since she’s already there)

    • The bathroom masturbation block (a fairly similar scenario to the one for the shower block)

    • The post-work event block

    Technically, I have an event where she’s supposed to arrive before the PC even starts to get ready for work, but I’m not sure how I want to handle that yet.

    Step 2: Lay the groundwork.

    In the case of the after-work event, there’s already a (somewhat dated) block of code that handles these events. (It needs an overhaul, but this isn’t really the time for it.) So, in the section where it checks for events, I’ll make a call to a new function that will specifically check for Cyn-related events.

    I create a placeholder function and I just toss the variables for that into the rather dated code and worry about the rest later, since these will rely on some logic that will be handled elsewhere. (Fortunately, this works in such a way that it shouldn’t break anything.

    For normal arrival events, there’s already an existing block. Right now, it’s just a really archaic way of choosing one of three scenes at random, and playing a default scene when those have been exhausted.

    Let’s overhaul this a bit. For now, the existing code is going to be shoved into its own little function that will only be called in the first few days of the game. These are pretty much fluff/filler events for pacing, so I’m going to have it randomized to play between one and all of these scenes.

    Biggest problem with this is that I don’t want to break old saves if I can avoid it. So I’ll need to write a little function to check the existing variables to see if the player has already seen them.

    Speaking of not breaking existing save files, all of the new events require variables to track things…and it’s a lot of new variables.

    To keep these from breaking old saves, I need to have the save updater code check for them and initialize them if they’re missing. Most of them aren’t too bad, since these variables won’t be used until the new scenes play for the first time, but one involves a change I made to a scene on the morning of Day 4, and most save files are probably going to be past that, so that’ll require some way of figuring out how to set it after the fact.

    Okay, so in some of these scenes, Cyn needs to comment on changes in the player, so I need to add a function that will check for those. I’ll need another function to initialize those variables, too.

    Okay, for now, that just checks hair and eye color, so good enough for what I’ve got.

    When it detects a change that Cyn should react to, that function will trigger another that will play the comment. I don’t actually have the comments ready right now, but it’s a good idea to figure out the logic for it and get some placeholders in, uh…place.

    Okay, so remember how I said I need events in this block to react to scenes that will be injected into prior scenes (like the shower or masturbation sequences)? I’m going to need a function to check for those and to jump to the appropriate scene. So, let’s make that. It’s going to be mostly empty until I’m ready, but this seems like a good place to check for some other special circumstances, such as Cyn offering the PC her first haircut…

    Whew! Okay, that’s a lot of work for scenes I haven’t even written yet. Cyn’s makeover events were the real reason I started this, so, after checking that there are no other scenes that are more urgent, we’ll make a new function that will be called for that…

    The clothes scene might be tricky since I want the PC to be able to call Cyn and request additional clothes at any time, which could render that scene irrelevant.

    Also, I consider the clothing and nail-painting events to be at roughly the same suggestion “level” so those can be encountered in either order (provided they’re both available), so I need a way of handling that.

    Okay, so now we have the start of our block for handling the morning side of Cyn’s makeover “quest.”

    Let’s make the placeholder scenes and add the variables that will track the player’s progression through the “quest.”

    I’m “flying by the seat of my pants” here, as I haven’t fully figured out how the logic of this is going to work out. For now, I’m tracking if the PC accepts Cyn’s suggestions or not, and keeping a general “attitude” score to gauge if the Cyn feels the PC approves of the changes or not.

    So around now, you’re probably asking: “But, Usagi, you demonic weeb-bunny… What happens if conditions for more than one of these cases is met simultaneously? Like, say the PC has green hair, AND she gets caught masturbating, AND some other special event is triggered?”

    Well. Crap! Why do you want to make my life harder?

    The truth is, I was already juggling enough items that I didn’t consider that before now. I’ll have to tackle that issue, and I think it’s going to come down to making the scenes modular so that the different scenes can be combined…

    …but let’s save that for later. We still have the evening portion of these events to add, but, for now, we’ve already made a ton of edits to the game so it’s time to make sure it still works. Let’s do some bug testing!

    Step 3: Make sure the game still runs and the new code fires properly(ish)!

    Well, Cyn’s code hasn’t been touched since long before the wardrobe code update, so that’s come back to bite me. The original perfume and sunscreen menus are popping up, and Cyn’s visit ends up messing up the “trying on swimwear for the first time” scene—it ends up firing off at night, instead! Plus, it looks like the phone system is broken; I can call Cyn but nothing happens.

    I think it would be nice if those first swimwear scenes were a bit different if Cyn is with you in the morning, so it looks like I need to track down the source of these bugs, remind myself of how Cyn’s morning code differs from the regular mornings and figure out what I need to add, and where, in order to call her special version of these events.

    So, I’m off to track down some bugs and test the game to make sure my placeholder scenes are all showing up properly before I work on actually getting the story and graphics in there.

    Step 4: Probably add the stuff I’ve actually written to the placeholders?

    I would detail this section, but I’m still working on Step 3…

    Summary: Don’t Try This at Home!

    But, to sum things up here: Do a linear visual novel, or something with one or two choices, kids! With this kind of game, you could give yourself a massive headache just trying to figure out how to get the scenes you’ve written to even fit into the game!

    PS: Yes, I caught that “hair” was spelled “hiar” and that one of the “+=”s should have been “-=”.

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