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Welcome to my site dedicated to my various projects. I do these as a hobby primarily to entertain myself, but share what I’ve created with like-minded individuals online.

My latest project is a hybrid Visual Novel / Life Simulator game called Interns of Ecstasy Island.



  • Update: September 2022

    Personal News

    So the last week has been a painful one as I had a new health emergency. I’m not looking forward to the incoming medical bills, the multiple specialist appointments and procedures I have lined up over the next month, and the projected 6-12 months to find out what my recovery prospects look like, but, for the moment, at least, I’m healthy enough that I can sit in front of a computer and be somewhat productive again.

    Easing Back Into It

    After getting out the public release and receiving lots of great feedback on bugs (I think this is the most thorough list I’ve gotten on an update in a long time), I had been taking a little time to switch gears and explore the graphics side of things again. I had last explored better methods for making more efficient code for the avatar paper-doll system and had just started exploring more tools for rendering those images more effectively, as well.

    Since that means a lot of “reinvention of the wheel” would be going on, I figured it might be as good a chance as any to try out the image-based lighting plug-in I tried once before (and I’m sure I’ve got a post on that somewhere in the archives).

    I failed with it pretty badly the first time, but with my current skillset, I’ve had much better luck, and I feel like I’ve at least gotten to a point where I can create renders with the plug-in that is a good match with what’s already in the game—so, at the very least, it won’t be completely jarring.

    For those interested in reading more about those experiments and seeing some samples, I’ll write more about it in my backer’s post. (Patreon / SubscribeStar)

    Interns Items to Focus On

    I think I explored some of this in a conversation on Discord, but I did try to come up with a checklist of important things I’d like to chip away at in the near future…

    Obviously, I have an expansive bug list to address, first, but it was clear from the last update that there are some key sections of the game that need some love before I can expand them much further. 

    The code that handles guests approaching the PC and leading to hook-ups was the most obvious. Related to this is NPC management, which both Holly and Cynthia have been earlier versions of—hopefully, I can make a uniform system that will allow for things like the guests you have sex with to remember you and show up later (and even notice body changes). 

    There are also the willpower mechanics that needs some adjustments in areas, as well as more places where it’s used—one great suggestion I forgot about was for when the player guides their character to do something against their orientation/comfort level. So, essentially, if you’re trying to make the PC push themselves, they should have to spend a little willpower to do so.

    The clinic needs some help as well, as it was crudely ported over from before the schedule rework. Part of my plan is that the PC will eventually be able to get drugs and other items from the clinic that they’ll be able to use in their room, similar to how the “magic wand” has functioned. (Naturally, that item-use section needs to be fleshed out as well).

  • Release: Interns v0.341

    Interns v0.341 is now available!

    This version is primarily a bugfix release, so for changes added since the last public release, see the blog post here.

    While I’m sure it’s mostly a matter of me not understanding how to properly customize UI elements in Renpy, since updating the engine to version 8+, a lot of graphical widgets and such have had their alignments changed slightly. I did my best to address the ones I’ve noticed, but please tell me if you spot any more.

    • The variable “block_type” became redundant after the big schedule overhaul, so old scenes that used it needed to be updated.
    • Quick attempt at revamping morning prep time tracking.
    • Added color-coding to the “remaining time” progress bar when getting ready for work in the morning.
    • Time required to do makeup reduces with number of times PC has done it.
    • Time spent in the shower reduces with body familiarity (longer showers the first few times).
    • Showering now progresses gender identity shift.
    • Crudely slapped in some act tracking in sex events, but they’re still not really accurate.

    • Bugfix: Addressed duplicate scene definitions.
    • Bugfix: Fixed issues in Cyn shower scene requirements.
    • Bugfix: Fixed alignment of text in room info widget.
    • Bugfix: Date issues address – Start of the main loop is now properly displayed as Friday.
    • Bugfix: Reworked the Energy, Will, and Lust bars to display properly in updated engine.
    • Bugfix: Persistent variables are now declared with default variables to prevent in-game errors.
    • Bugfix: Fixed issue that was causing some scenes with Holly to repeat.

    Known issues:

    • Clothing menu alignment is still broken.

    Download links


    Mac version:

    Android version:

  • Update August 2022

    So the early access build is out and I’m getting a lot of useful bug reports. Looks like there’s still more old content that’s inaccessible due to changes from the big overhaul (not to mention there are still sections that haven’t been updated yet, like the clinic).

    Before getting into working on fixing the bugs, I took a little break and studied up a bit more on Ren’Py. There have been tons of changes to the engine since I started on Interns, and a lot of things I created early on use dated methods that are more resource intensive than they likely need to be.

    While I’m not exactly ready to dive into rebuilding the avatar paper-doll system just yet, I did manage to get some code working for tan lines that seems much better. Hopefully, that will eventually mean we’ll have mirror scenes and other CGs that won’t cause big problems for people on Android or less-powerful computers.

    I also took a little time to play around with another unrelated item I’ve been toying with from time to time. I’ll leave that for my backer post. (Patreon or SubscribeStar)

    Anyway, my focus for the weekend will be getting as much fixed in the game as I can for the next public release…so I can get ready for the next round of bug reports.

  • Early Access: Interns v0.340

    Interns v 0.330 is now available for early access!

    This build is available for those pledging $5 and up on:



    The latest build of Interns is available for early access. It shouldn’t require a fresh save to use, with the exception of the new Holly scene. If you’ve been to the current end of her story in the previous build, you’ll want to load a game before the final scene in order for the new event to play properly.

    Please note that this update is mostly story text and not a lot of graphics to go with it. Details on what’s added below.

    Scenes added:

    • Holly sex scene
    • Room bed masturbation scene
    • Lesbian guest approach / sex scene
    • PC learns new uses for washing machines
    • Guest sex scene by Thule
    • Slight expansion to ending of Cynthia shower scene
    • Misc room and shower scenes

    Technical changes:

    • Updated Ren’Py engine to v8.0.1 – First build to use Python 3.
    • Partial build/update of guest approach to bring it up to current scene-picker standard.
    • Messages reminding player about special free-time activities has been added to the new schedule system.
    • May scene backgrounds now change according to time of day.
    • Bugfix: Checks for the option to visit May’s room have been restored.
    • Bugfix: Code for May room visits has been updated to work with new schedule system.
    • Bugfix: Attempted to fix the Holly name interpolation typo.
    • Bugfix: Meeting Brooke at hot tub party checked properly.
    • Bugfix: Stopped “return to room” message for displaying when PC is already in the room.
    • Bugfix: Mr. Smith scene should now detect and reflect if you’re working restaurant or housekeeping.

    Known issues:

    • UI alignment problems with latest version of Ren’Py.
    • New Holly sex scene is unavailable if you’ve already saw the previous one.
    • Holly storyline progression is bugged (she keeps asking to run tests).
    • Room messages can appear interrupt scenes.

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