About U666

Quick Overview

As a hyperactive, easily-distracted, demonic rabbity-thing, I mostly hop around between the things that interest me at any given moment. Lately, that’s been mostly creating erotic video games (though I occasionally enjoy creating mods for other people’s games, as well as writing fiction).

Me as a Creator

After decades as a floundering creator trying to find an audience, I finally gave up and started creating just for me. I often lose interest in many of the projects I start, so it typically takes a few tries before I get one that can hold me for more than a month or two. My latest project in Interns of Ecstasy Island, a life-sim/visual novel hybrid that has shockingly been able to hold my attention (though that’s likely only because of how ridiculously ambitious it is).

For Fun

When I’m not writing or working on Interns, I enjoy heavily-modded Bethesda games (thank you LoversLab and Nexus!). It’s probably more grief and frustration attempting to turn these games into the kind of experience I want, but it’s cool on the rare occasion where it works.

Gimmie Money!

As I said above, I’ve been working on these projects this purely for my amusement, but its fun to share some of my creations with other like-minded people. If you like what I do and want to further incentivize it, or make it easier on me (making this a part-time job would be nifty, as I’m currently chipping away at the project in my free time), I’ve set up accounts on a few sites that will allow you to support me.

Just keep in mind: I’m not cut out to be a professional and I have no idea what I’m doing. Don’t expect much and you won’t be disappointed! ;D

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