Early Access – Interns v 0.240

Interns version 0.240 is available for early access to backers pledging $5 and up. This versions should work fine with saves from the previous build. Download links are available here on SubscribeStar and here on Patreon. Interns version 0.240 I'm considering this the "Better than Nothing" release! Not amazing, but I've been struggling quite a... Continue Reading →

A New Decade

Hi, and welcome to the '20s! So, while I'm still struggling with RL stuff (including a restructuring at my day job that's likely to see me with increased responsibilities), I'm trying my best to keep pushing through with Interns. Things have been fairly quiet in our little community, but I have been getting some interesting... Continue Reading →

Early Access – Interns v0.230

Interns v0.230 is now available for early access to backers on Patreon and SubscribeStar! If you're looking for a refined experience, this build isn't for you. Lots of missing images, continuity errors and half-finished additions to the game. With that out of the way, he's what's in Interns v0.230: Content: This update was mostly focused... Continue Reading →

Life is Pain

Okay, headline is a bit melodramatic, but it's been a lot of struggling in the last month and a half. Cutting Part of a Feature So, bit of bad news first: After trying pretty much every reasonable thing I could come up with, I just can't find a way to handle positioning of long hair... Continue Reading →

Update: October 2019

It's the Halloween Update SPOOKtacular! (But not really... It's really just a regular update.) Sorry if I haven't been quite as responsive as usual in the last week. Between insanity at my day job and some health issues, I've been pretty tapped out. I've gotten a lot of great feedback on the last build. There... Continue Reading →

Release: Interns v 0.220

Links: Interns v 0.220 is now available. Links to download are below. Release notes can be found on the blog post for the early access version here. Windows/LinuxMegaMediaFire MacMegaMediaFire AndroidMegaMediaFire


With the size of the game growing with every update, I thought it might be a good time to look into space-saving options again. Ren'Py used to have JCC as an option for images with transparent backgrounds: This would save the image and the alpha channel as lossy JPGs, reassembling them in-game. Modern Ren'Py now... Continue Reading →

Early Access – Interns 0.220

New Build Early access to a new build of Interns is available to backers pledging $5 or more. Support me on SubscribeStar or Patreon! In order to better handle major story events (or, really, be able to handle them at all), I did a complete overhaul of the main schedule code. The schedule update has... Continue Reading →

Update: September 2019

Well, this has quickly become the update from hell for me—Much harder than I was anticipating. In order to get most of the new content I've written into the game and address issues that have been cropping up, my immediate goals were: • Do a better implementation of free days (they're currently a mash-up of... Continue Reading →

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