Release: Interns v0.260

Interns v0.260 is now available! Release notes are available on the early access post.  (I'm also doing a popularity poll on Patreon...) Windows / Linux:MegaMediafire Mac version:MegaMediafire Android version:MegaMediaFire  

Early Access: Interns v0.260

It doesn't contain everything I was working on, but I don't want to make you want any longer than you already have. Without further ado, here's v0.260…which is primarily a Cynthia-focused update. Early access is available for those backing at $5 or more on...PatreonorSubscribeStar A fresh save probably isn't required, but wouldn't hurt. Main New... Continue Reading →

Update: July 2020

Status Report Those of you who have been following me on TFGamesSite and Discord have been getting little updates here and there, but I thought I should take a few minutes to give everyone a quick update as to where I am. What I’ve been up to As you may recall, I got off to... Continue Reading →

Coding BS

I thought I’d do something a bit different and write a post bit-by-bit as I worked on the game this weekend. So, what we have below is a bit of a free-form train-of-thought blog about what adding new content to Interns can involve sometimes (and why it can get rather frustrating). I really could have... Continue Reading →

Memory Lane

I did a "fun" post for backers showing how the character sprites for Interns has evolved over the course of development. Anyone pledging $1+ can check it out... Here on Patreon. Here on SubscribeStar.

Thanks for Your Patience!

The Excuses Section Hey, everybody! I was really hoping to have a new build out for you by now, but I wanted one that actually included some worthwhile content for you and, so far, that's not working out. I appreciate how patient everyone's been (don't think I had a single person so much as ask... Continue Reading →

Update: June 2020

Interns Stuff Last time I was able to make some massive headway on cleanup and reorganization. It's done wonders for Avatar images, as I now have a more universal way of calling these images in-game and, on the back end, I've organized the files and folders used to make these graphics, which has streamlined the... Continue Reading →

Update: May 2020 #2

Well, I’m still chipping away at at things, as always. My current goal is to get enough of the PC’s room stuff squared away that I can start getting more events for Cynthia added to the game without causing issues (as some people can attest, the shower code can cause her to appear in the... Continue Reading →

Release: Interns v 0.251

Interns v0.251 is now available! IMPORTANT: Do not overwrite your existing directory with this new build! Many filenames have changed, and doing so will leave old files that may prevent your game from working properly. IMPORTANT 2: Start a fresh game for this version. Interns v0.250 includes a major overhaul in how free-time events are... Continue Reading →

Early Access: Interns v 0.251

Interns version 0.251 is now available for early access to backers pledging $5+. Contains bug-fixes and other goodness (as seen above). Download links for SubscribeStar are here. Download links for Patreon are here.  Changes: • Addressed player-reported errors due to undefined or misnamed labels and variables. • Optional menus are now disabled when executing one... Continue Reading →

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