Update: May 2020 #2

Well, I’m still chipping away at at things, as always. My current goal is to get enough of the PC’s room stuff squared away that I can start getting more events for Cynthia added to the game without causing issues (as some people can attest, the shower code can cause her to appear in the... Continue Reading →

Release: Interns v 0.251

Interns v0.251 is now available! IMPORTANT: Do not overwrite your existing directory with this new build! Many filenames have changed, and doing so will leave old files that may prevent your game from working properly. IMPORTANT 2: Start a fresh game for this version. Interns v0.250 includes a major overhaul in how free-time events are... Continue Reading →

Early Access: Interns v 0.251

Interns version 0.251 is now available for early access to backers pledging $5+. Contains bug-fixes and other goodness (as seen above). Download links for SubscribeStar are here. Download links for Patreon are here.  Changes: • Addressed player-reported errors due to undefined or misnamed labels and variables. • Optional menus are now disabled when executing one... Continue Reading →


Just a quick update of things. COVID-19 With businesses starting to reopen, it looks like I may be back to full-time employment next week. While I’m happy I’ll be able to pay my bills, there’s a part of me that’s disappointed, since being part-time was a nice opportunity to really dig into Interns without as... Continue Reading →

Early Access: Interns v 0.250

“One often creates more bugs on the road he takes to reduce them.” - Ancient Proverb (Probably) TL;DR version: Those looking for a stable experience may want to steer clear. Lots of code changes and no new story content. I recommend trying this build out only if you’re curious about the new “optional menus” for... Continue Reading →

UPDATE: April 2020

“Housecleaning” on the game continues on. As everything in the game is interconnected, each time I pull on one thread, it unravels more than I anticipated and I end up with more to fix than I started with. In this case, part of the addition of the wardrobe menu is showing the player the PC... Continue Reading →

UPDATE: March 2020

For those of you who missed my last major update, the big news is that I’m working on Interns as a part-time job for now (my day job has slashed my hours due to the pandemic). If you haven’t figured out before now, I’m working on a game that would really benefit from a skilled... Continue Reading →

UPDATE: Crisitunity

“Look on the bright side, Dad—did you that the Chinese use the same word for ‘crisis’ that they do for ‘opportunity?’” - Lisa “Yes! Crisitunity!” - Homer Well, we certainly do live in interesting times. The current pandemic looks like it’s going to hit a lot of industries pretty hard, and my day job is... Continue Reading →

UPDATE: Wardrobe Menu

Last time I showed off a sample of the new wardrobe menu I’ve been working on. This is a part of the new “optional menus” initiative I’ve been wanting to do forever in order to help reduce the amount of clicking and selecting you need to do while playing the game. For my backers, I’ve... Continue Reading →

UPDATE: February 2020

Cleaning House Oops! I Made a Mess... When you're half-assed about doing something, it's pretty easy to make a big mess. Lately, I've been finding that I've been wasting far too much of my time trying to track things down because I haven't been organized enough. This covers just about everything: Character model files -... Continue Reading →

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