Early Access: Interns v0.300

Interns v 0.300 is now available for early access.

Major disclaimers:

  • This is an almost complete rebuild of all the code that manages scenes, so on the back end, it functions like a new game. Old saves won’t work.
  • No new content. Actually, less content than the previous build as not everything is accessible. I appreciate you trying it out to help me track down major issues, but if you’re just looking for more story content, you may want to hold off a bit longer.
  • Old saves won’t work. Seriously. Don’t even try.

Secondary announcement:

I’ve added two more wallpapers to the Blue & Purple series. As of now, I think I’ve covered every girl who got more than 2 votes in our popularity poll.

These are available to download for everyone pledging $5 and up. For anyone pledging $10 or more, I’ve made the swimwear optional; you can download either (or both) versions of the wallpapers. I didn’t know the best resolution to make these in, so they’re all at 4096x 1260.

Download links:

Game Downloads are:

Wallpapers can be downloaded on their respective rewards pages:

Wallpaper Previews

About Interns v0.300

There’s lots to say about this update, so I’ll do the bullet list of changes here and put the actual “rant” about the update below.

Change list:

  • Updated engine to Ren’Py 7.4.6
  • Updated nearly all game variables, removing them from init blocks. (This was causing values to change whenever the game reloaded, breaking a whole lot of things. Game intro image of the PC should work properly now, thanks to this change.)
  • Most game events (304 scenes) have been converted to a class system. These events include work, free time, mini-work, after work, dreams, special events.
  • All existing scenes have been given priority levels to make sure less important scenes won’t play until all of the more important ones have been seen.
  • All existing scenes have been tagged with the focal character of that scene (if any).
  • Some scenes have been given special tags to help categorize them (meeting an NPC, a body TF event, etc.)
  • A few two-part scenes have actually been split up into two parts now, rather than faking it as they did in the previous builds.
  • Code for playing scenes now automatically marks whether they’ve been viewed by the player (done manually by me prior to this).
  • Main game schedule has been completely rebuilt and has more consistent time tracking.
  • Special events for each time block can now be scheduled up to one day into the future, and the scene pickers check to see if something is already scheduled before choosing an event.
  • Partial work done on expanding how Club and Poolside free-time visits work. Guest approaches are now removed from the event themselves, and a crude “hangout” option has been added, allowing the player to choose to spend time with an NPC who has events available. More options to come.
  • Quick and dirty end game stat menu added. Displays indoctrination/obedience percentage and number of sexual encounters.
  • Room background now automatically changes based on time of day.
  • Room menu graphic tied into new system and show now show more-accurate time of day.
  • New Mallory sprite and meeting CGs. (Long overdue)

Known issues:

  • Not everything has been converted, and some sections of the game are still using old code. In particular, guest approach and sex events have yet to be updated.
  • Clinic visits and anything having to do with Holly haven’t been touched. No idea how they behave in the current build.
  • Some work has been done on the phone system, but it hasn’t been tested yet.
  • There appears to be an issue where Cynthia doesn’t always drop off swimwear in time for the PC to use. This can result in the wardrobe menu being unavailable.
  • Some scenes still appear to play twice.
  • Swimwear special effects have not yet been updated to work with this version.
  • Due to problems with changing all the variables, some avatar graphics may not work properly.

Update notes:

Thanks for your patience in waiting for this release. When I had decided to take on the task of fixing some of the major bugs that have been around for ages, I really never thought it would turn into something that would take this long. It really ended up being the update cycle from hell, and I can’t tell you how relieved I am to finally have something I can release.


A major issue I ran into early on was the discovery that variable initialization in Ren’Py didn’t work the way that I thought it did (or, rather, it appears that it changed back in 2015). Because of this, the variables that I used to track everything in the game would reset to their initial values whenever the game reloaded. Correcting that wasn’t a simple matter, either, as a lot of things in the game stopped working since they relied on that method.


The problems with properly tracking the passage of time and preventing too many, or too few, events of one type from happening, all came down to the fact that the schedule code in the game was my earliest experiment in Interns history. It was quite a mess and never really worked properly, but it was at the core of the game and was responsible for making everything else happen, so it wasn’t something that I could easily change.

I figured, with years of new Ren’Py and Python knowledge under my belt, I’d be able to make something considerably better, and I tried something fairly ambitious (for me, anyway…I think what I was doing was probably closer to how a real coder might have approached it), and, naturally, the whole thing went down in flames.

I want to say this is actually what lead to the variable discovery mentioned above. The sad part is that I only figured it out after giving up on getting my “fancy” solution to work and going with a much messier version than the solution I’d originally planned.

Also notable is that, around this time, Twi presented me with the first working version of the “Timelog” build. We’ve started the process of porting over events from the game’s intro over to that new build, and a lot of work is being done to pave the way forward for the game.

As this will still take some time, I wanted to have something that I could still update with new events, so I pushed forward to at least get my new schedule system functional so that releases could still happen with some improvements. Plus, I feel a lot of the scene reorganization and cleanup will help for getting events ported over.

Scene players

I’ve discussed the scene-picking code previously; the short version is that the game used multiple methods that I’d experimented with over the years, each with different issues. While not terribly complicated to update to something new, it was a considerable slog to go over 300+ scenes and create new scene class objects for them.

Finally, I got some payoff from the extra coding knowledge I’ve acquired over the years, as I managed to automate a few repetitive tasks that, in the past, have caused problems when I neglected to do them for a scene.


Not everything I’ve been working on is ready, of course. My focus was on getting the important things done and find a way to make the game playable again. Because of this, a lot of old systems are still jammed in there in ways to keep them working. So stuff like getting hit on by guests, the PC taking stock of body changes, morning job notifications, etc., are all still handled the old way.

There are also some planned features that have places reserved for them but aren’t in there yet. I was able to give players the option to select from a few available NPCs while at the club or beach, but I intend to add other options like talking to the bartender, going sunbathing during the day, etc.

Bugs, bugs, bugs

Yes, I’m aware of the irony of spending a month on a new version of the game intended to eliminate a lot of bugs, only to introduce yet more bugs. But with my stop-and-go coding schedule and relatively poor coding and planning skills, there are bound to be a lot of issues. in this version. Playing through the game repeatedly in order to check from them is time-consuming, so if any of you spot them while playing around in the game, do let me know.

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