Early Access: Interns v 0.251

Interns version 0.251 is now available for early access to backers pledging $5+. Contains bug-fixes and other goodness (as seen above).

Download links for SubscribeStar are here.

Download links for Patreon are here. 


• Addressed player-reported errors due to undefined or misnamed labels and variables.

• Optional menus are now disabled when executing one of the optional activities (to prevent nested events).

• Modified save file updater to run upon loading a save, rather than during stat updates.

• More file reorganization – pre-game initialization of variables and functions have a new home.

• More game variables are now initialized after game start, rather than before. Hopefully this helps prevent some rollback issues.

• Corrected an issue in the main schedule that was preventing the evening beach meeting event from firing.

• Tweaked some game menus and transitions for additional fanciness.

• Added PC avatar main menu image after first-time game completion.

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