The Future

Pushing Forward

This is going to be more of an UsagiTripleSix-focused post than an Interns-focused one.

I wanted to take a few moments to type up my thoughts on where I am right now and how I’m thinking about moving forward.

PLAYER FEEDBACK PART: I am looking for feedback on backer reward stuff, so if this is a TL;DR post for you, you can skip ahead to the rewards section below.

Obligatory Interns Part

Interns is my top priority, and I’m hoping the update schedule change is going to help it move along in a way that people will be happier with (so far, it seems like bigger updates are better received than more frequent ones).

Personal Stuff

Health-wise, I seem to be in a stable place (hooray!). Maintaining my health takes much more of my time every week than it used to, but I appear to have a handle on that.

My day job is getting more demanding. The company is getting busier and I’m taking on more responsibilities, so that does take a bit of a toll, but I’m hoping that’s mitigated somewhat by the new update schedule.

Beyond Interns

While it certainly looks like I’ll be working on Interns forever, I would still like to work on other projects at some point. A part of me thinks it might be a good idea to look into some short side projects; things like illustrated stories more than interactive games (though I’m worried that might not be as much fun to work on). That might be something I could do that would give people a good, regular story fix without having to wait on me to figure out a million-billion coding problems.

To that end, I’m trying to find time to dabble in different ways to create visuals for new projects, be it 2D art, or something like Daz. I’m also looking into things like sources of music as well.

I’m considering making an upcoming Patreon goal one where I’ll look at putting some money into art assets so that I can expand on what I’m able to make.

Rewards for My Backers

Rewards are a tricky thing. I know they’re fairly essential in order to be successful with crowd-funding, but I really hate to offer anything that’s going to be counter-productive to actually making progress on the projects people are backing.

That said, I’d be interested in hearing what people would most be interested in seeing for rewards. I’m not promising I’ll implement any of them, but suggestions are definitely welcome as they may give me some ideas.

Right now, $5 is essentially the top tier; anyone pledging more than that doesn’t get anything more than the satisfaction of knowing that they’re helping me a bit more.

In the past, though, I’ve thrown them a bone by giving out a tool that let them preview the Avatar System I made for making the game’s mirror images.

I’m considering doing more stuff like that in the future. Perhaps the higher-tier backers will periodically get sneak peeks of assorted stuff I’m playing with, be it samples of game mechanics, snippets of non-Intern story stuff, or samples of some of the artwork I’ve made while experimenting.

Thoughts, ideas, suggestions? Let me know!

(As for the teaser image at the top… Is the resort being invaded by Xterminators? Probably not. But I’ve gotten some new studio assets, and I show off some of them in the latest behind the scenes post.)

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