Checking In

I realized that those who aren’t active on the Discord probably haven’t heard much from me in a while, so I figured I’d better take a moment to check-in.

I’m going to -try- to keep it brief, as I don’t want to use too much of my writing time for update posts, but I figured I’d better let you know what’s happening before the month gets completely away from me.

So, for the last couple of weeks, I’ve been really focused on content writing and editing. It always amazes me how scenes that seem like they’ll be simple end up getting overly-complex. A simple discussion with Scarlet ends up with 13+ options that each require different text. It’s a lot of setup for future quest stuff, so the choices are all there to figure out how to get your PC onto the path, or if your character will be exempt.

On the topic of Scarlet, I realized that I have updated models for her and Tiffany, but never replaced the sprites (I’m pretty sure Scarlet’s previous sprite was scaled up from low resolution, to boot). So those updated versions are in.

I’ve got some great story submissions from Thule—one of which ties in quite nicely with what I’m doing with Scarlet. I’ve been working on adapting those to fit in with existing code, as well as fixing up the guest approach code that hasn’t really been firing off, best I can tell (though there aren’t many sex scenes, you should have at least been able to repeat what’s already in there).

Regrettably, I’ve spread myself way too thin on what I tried to accomplish this cycle. I don’t want to make everyone wait even longer to have something new to play with, so this release is probably going to be low on graphics so that I can at least have new story content out.

For the next cycle, I’ll be looking into getting some assistance on the coding end of things and seeing if that helps at all.

And, also, for you backers out there, here’s a quick post about what I teased last time: a look at the game code outline I’ve started updating to help me keep track of what does what.

SubscribeStar version here, Patreon version here.

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